LinLi Wedding Boutique was founded on 16th March 1987. Over the past two decades, with her compassion for aesthetics and wedding planning services, founder Lin Li has worked with experts to established several divisions specializing in different areas. These divisions have included the Styling Division in 1993, Photography Division in 1994, and Haute Couture House in 1999. Along the way, the provision of customized and innovative services has always been LinLi Weddings priority. Our client base includes public figures from Taiwan and abroad. We have planned weddings for many celebrities. In addition, Lin Li even provided Bill Clinton with styling services when he visited Taiwan.
Core values
Over the past twenty years, LinLi Wedding, known for its sophisticated and elegant wedding dresses, has long been synonymous with the best wedding dress in Taiwan. In addition, the weddings we plan are those that every newlywed desires. As a stylist for many public figures, LinLi’s has developed unmatched and sense of aesthetics, which have become the key to our success. Boasting a team of leading stylists, LinLi Wedding has very high standards for wedding photography. With more than ten years of experience, our stylists are experts at building your personal image to best suit you. This is why LinLi Wedding is able to stand out among other wedding photography companies in Taiwan.
Our Story
For over 16 years, LinLi Wedding has enhanced Taiwan’s awareness and appreciation of haute couture. Unlike mass produced luxury goods, haute couture clothing is consistent with the trends in global fashion, yet incorporates the highest quality materials and exclusive designs that are individually made by expert artisans to perfectly fit each woman’s unique figure. LinLi Wedding’s artisans use the highest quality of sequin, satin, lace, and chiffon fabrics as well as cutting edge design to hand-make each delicate piece. In addition to designing finedresses, we follow couture and draping techniques which create some of the most classic and fashion forward dresses found anywhere in Asia. This dedication to haute couture has set Linli Weddings apart from other similar groups and established its reputation as the first choice among celebrities, socialites, high-end society and newlyweds globally.
Haute Couture
Elegance and Luxury
Haute couture garments are high-end clothing items specifically tailored to you: 1. Your haute couture garments and the techniques that the tailor has put in reflect your personal fine taste. It is unique to you. 2. Haute couture garments are art pieces made from the finest fabrication to bring out your best. Haute couture embodies the most exquisite craftsmanship. 3. In your bespoken dress, you are able to showcase your unique personalities and taste. Fabrics used to make couture clothing combine the new and old. High-end fabrics alone do not suffice to make bespoken clothing. To make an haute couture garment that can bring out your best and showcase your unique fine taste as well as fit woman’s figure perfectly, outstanding designers and seasoned tailors are also required. Every haute couture garment is sewn to detail with extreme attention; every haute couture garment is a classic heritage that symbolizes freedom.
The most fabulous wedding boutique in Taiwan
Every girl dreams about being a princess who wears a LinLi’s wedding dress and impeccable hair makeup on her wedding day. Visit LinLi and make your dream come true! We have a team of stylists with more than ten years of experience. LinLi Wedding considers brides as superstars and takes an artistic approach to wedding photography. A significant part of our success can be attributed to the high standards for photography set by the founder, who is experienced in providing styling services for numerous public figures including Lin Chi-ling, Evonne Hsu, and even Bill Clinton. Therefore, our founder’s insistence on high quality wedding photography, ensures you that LinLi Wedding will build an image that best suits a bride and helps her explore herself.